Custom Creations Available

We’ve just redesigned our website and we now have a blog called Lumberjack News with which to communicate to our loyal customers! We hope you’ll check back regularly to keep updated on what’s happening here at Kluttz Lumber Company.

Kluttz Lumber’s owner, Charles Kluttz is a Master Craftsman who can help you with any type of custom woodwork you need done that you don’t want to do yourself! He’s made children’s dream beds, in fact, here’s one in the process of being done — I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s finished! What little boy wouldn’t want to wake up in a bed that looks like Dad’s semi-truck? If you need special wood turnings, he’s got the skills and equipment to help you out. He’s also helped out the local church with building some new pews.

We also offer installation for the following products — doors, windows, decks, retaining walls and much more!

If you need any assistance, have questions about your project or wish to hire someone to ensure your project gets done to high quality standards, we’re always available to help out!

Call us on 704-786-5189 for all your custom work needs!